Certify Your Documents

We'll take care of it

Legalization & Notarization

Legalisation is the confirmation and official process of document authenticity granted by governments; i.e. domestic public document by the consulate of the state in which the document is to be used.

In the case that your documents need to be certified, legalized or translated, Mustra Ltd will take care of the to be certified by the our associate office.

Apostille Stamp

Apostille stamp is required to ensure the authenticity of your official documents before it is legalised. Apostille is a certificate of authenticity. It is accepted by states that have signed the Hague Accreditation Convention. Apostilles are the official seal of the foreign country bureau certifying your documents are genuine.


Mariner Ltd has a team of professional translators of any language and any document can be translated in a short time for the purpose of obtaining seafarer’s visa.